Having healthy skin means having beautiful skin. A practical skincare program leads to both.

Although many women and men in Alpharetta and Atlanta seek professional help for their aesthetic concerns, it’s wise to supplement this with an in-home regimen, especially after the sun goes down.

Here are some tips from North Atlanta Plastic Surgery that we hope you find useful:

1. Cleanse Your Face Before Bed

Every day is a busy day, whether you’re on the move or stay indoors. Imagine the dirt, oil, and grime you accumulate throughout the day. And then there’s your makeup. That’s why it’s crucial to cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed. Take two minutes each night to wash your face to avoid unsightly irritation and blemishes.

2. Use Toner Before Bed

Now that your face is clean, take another moment to apply a proper toner. This step can be the difference in creating a bright, clear complexion. In addition, a good toner will eliminate skin residue, leaving behind a healthy skin presence.

3. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

Moisturizing daily reduces the chance of developing extreme oiliness or dryness; both extremes can harm the skin and cause common conditions like acne. A night cream or evening moisturizer is vital to keep a well-hydrated complexion for the hours you spend in bed. It helps beauty sleep live up to its name for beautiful, radiant skin.

4. Nourish Your Skin

You want to give your skin what it craves. So pick a moisturizer with potent ingredients or layer it with a serum that rehydrates, rejuvenates, and heals your skin for a beautiful glow.

5. Don’t Forget the Lips

A kissable pout is not an accident; it is a nurtured benefit resulting from taking care of your lips. Applying lip balm prior to bedtime will help prevent your lips from drying out during the night. This is also important since many people breathe through their mouths while they sleep, which can dry out the lips even more.

6. Hydrate from Within

Drink plenty of water throughout the day and night. Skip the nighttime cocktail and choose H2O instead. A couple of glasses before will be what your skin needs to hydrate and look your best come morning.

7. Keep Your Pillowcases Clean

It’s not only vital to wash your face nightly, but you should keep what it’s pressed against for hours clean as well. For example, wash your pillowcases twice weekly or more if you experience regular breakouts or clogged pores.

8. Sleep With Your Head Elevated

Keep your head above your heart to reduce bodily fluids from building up and retaining around your eyes.

9. Put the Phone Down

Read a book or stream a love story. Don’t spend your time surfing the internet or your eyes glued to a computer screen. Constant glare affects your eyes, and the strain can lead to puffiness and circles the next day.

10. Get Plenty of Sleep

Your body heals when you sleep. So sleep at least eight or nine hours each night. It’s critical for your overall health and skin appearance as well.

Ready to Take Your Skin Health to the Next Level?

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