Getting breast augmentation was by far one of the best decisions I have made. I was hesitant about having it done because of having small kids and the recovery. Giving up working out made me nervous. I didn’t want people to notice a drastic difference I just wanted them to be proportional to my body frame. After nursing two kids, I wanted my esteem and body back. I did a lot of research and talked to tons of other women and had no doubt that I was going to use Dr Alderman for the augmentation. During my consultation I instantly felt confident in her work and trusted her with my decision. She answered all my questions and made me feel at ease. I love that I got to send in pictures of what I wanted to look like and she used those in surgery to make sure I looked how I wanted to. I am so happy with my results and would recommend her to anyone looking to have a breast augmentation. You will be so happy you did it!” – LD

Dr. Alderman is the absolute best! I can not imagine having another Doctor for my surgery. I spent many months researching for my breast augmentation, I chose Dr. Alderman after hearing nothing but positive reviews from friends. The minute I met Dr. A, I knew I had chosen the right Doctor. She made me feel very comfortable. She was understanding with my many questions. She was very informative during consultations and helped me choose the right size for my body. After surgery, Dr. A called to see how I was feeling. I was able to contact her with anything and hear back from her or a nurse almost immediately. I only wished I had done this for myself years ago! I am so in love with my body. I have never been so happy and content in my own skin. Now I don’t have to hide in the corner of the locker room as I am dressing or buy pillow stuffed padded bras to feel feminine. I feel beautiful! And for the first time, I’m EXCITED about bathing suit season 😍😆 I would recommend My Doctor to anyone! She cares for her patients so much. I am beyond pleased and only wished I had done this for myself years ago!” – CP

“Dr Alderman was AMAZING, she was so good with me and made me feel comfortable from the first appointment! My whole experience was amazing and my results are too! I am so glad I did the surgery that I was soooo nervous to do!” – CB

“I had surgery to correct my diastasis recti (abdominal separation). I did a lot of research and tried everything I could on my own to correct this, including working out 6 times a week. After speaking to my doctor I knew I needed surgery but did not want the scaring. Dr. Alderman was able to do this surgery by going through my c-section scar! I was nervous about this surgery but the nurses and Dr. Alderman made the process comfortable. Dr. Alderman is warm and willing to take the time to answer any questions.” – MH

“Dr. Alderman performed my procedures to help me regain my overall health and complete body functionality. My breasts were flat, misshapen and 2 very different sizes as a result of 5 pregnancies, 3 live births and multiple lumpectomies. The lack of breast tissue caused bruising/tenderness with my nipples and did not allow me to find a bra that would fit both breasts. I also had diastasis recti with a hernia and my intestines would push through causing pain at the site and constant lower back pain. Upon meeting Dr. Alderman, we discussed my goals and she presented options for achieving those. I wanted to go the most conservative route possible with the greatest benefit. Dr. Alderman was the only surgeon I interviewed that recommended strategically placed implants to lift my breasts and fill out the missing tissue in an effort to remedy not only the different sized breasts, but also correct my nipple issue. In addition, she recommended a full tummy tuck because the open area (of my diastasis recti with a hernia) extended up and down beyond the length of my bellybutton. She felt that stabilizing that entire area would help to alleviate 90% of my constant back pain. I knew after talking to her that she was the best doctor for me. She made sure that I arrived at a place of full understanding of the procedures, the surgical plan, the recovery and required after-care before she left my presence. She was incredibly thorough and her visuals via the touchscreen were incredible. It was a total teaching experience. And, I felt completely at peace and ready to have my functionality restored. Plus, as a woman she not only related to me, but she fully understood my desired results.

My body was completely ready for the procedures (7 hours of tests and all those medical clearances were totally worth it!!). It really was not a bad surgery. It was uncomfortable, but the worst part was the mental anguish I suffered from being bedridden for 3 weeks. Luckily, the post-surgical visits with Dr. Alderman and her incredibly loving and caring spirit helped that along. Her staff was just as loving. They were super amazing at changing my bandages and caring for me. They were always quick and willing to assist me with any concerns whether I was in the office or calling from home. They ALWAYS took care of me. I did not have any issues and healed in record time as a result of my excellent care with her and her wonderful staff.

In regards to my functionality, I no longer have back pain. I still see a chiropractor because my body is so strong, so healthy and so incredibly operational that I now do Crossfit and chiro is a wonderful accompaniment to that level of workout. I had tried it before, but my back would not hold out. Now it sustains those hardcore workouts and any other daily activities I am called to. And. . . for the first time since my lumpectomies and pregnancies (13 years to be exact), I fit into a bra and I have absolutely no nipple discomfort or bruising whatsoever!!! While aesthetics was not my main concern, I will tell you that my breasts and stomach are absolutely beautiful. I feel so confident and feminine. There are no words to describe this adequately so those will have to do. Furthermore, Dr. Alderman prides herself in minimal scarring. I can vouch for this!! My scars are so faint that I am the only one that notices them. I have shown my family and friends. They are truly impressed. By the way, at the time I am writing this, I am not even a year out from my surgery. THAT is a true testament to her precision, talent and skill. Dr. Alderman is a phenomenal surgeon, doctor, strategist and caretaker. She is just an incredible person. Her work is exceptional and second to none.” – DE

“Dr Alderman was recommended to me by a friend. From the moment I met Dr Alderman we had an instant connection and I knew I wanted her to do my breast augmentation surgery. She listened to me, my concerns, and there was no judgement at all. She was very informative and she really put me at ease. She works with the best staff and one of the best anesthesiologists ever. My entire experience from start to finish has been a piece of cake. Minimal pain, fabulous results!!” – SS

“Dr. Alderman is the absolute best. Everything about my entire experience with her exceeded any expectations I had! She is experienced, attentive, patient, and fantastic in the post-op phase. I did a great deal of research before selecting my doctor and I know I absolutely made the right choice.
Would (and already have) recommend her!” – JL

“Dr. Alderman was amazing! She is very professional and knowledgeable. She made me feel comfortable with my decisions and made sure my results were safe and exactly what I hoped for!!” – JH

“Dr. Alderman is a fantastic surgeon! Not only does she do wonderful work, she spends ample time during consultations/appointments and takes great care of her patients. She has a mindful eye, and listens to best understand what her patients want. I absolutely recommend Dr. Alderman, and will use her again for additional procedures.” – CC

“It is wonderful to still be so satisified. First in class treatment from all with geniune caring from the best professionals. Thank you” – JM

“My experience with Dr Alderman was amazing I have had 2 procedures done by her (boob job) and (lip injections). She was incredible and made me feel so comfortable. She is very gentle and makes you feel like you are in great hands. I would recommend her to EVERYONE. I trust her 100% to make me look natural and give me the look that I wish for without making me look fake. Thank you so much Dr. Alderman you truly are an amazing, most talented plastic surgeon out there.” – KR

“Dr. Alderman is everything you could want in a doctor. Smart, kind and always makes you feel like you are her top priority. Anyone who is looking to have a major operation or even something as simple as injectables I would highly recommend Dr.Alderman.” – JB

“She’s the best of the best. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend her.” – JW

“Absolutely wonderful experience with Dr. Alderman and her staff. My husband was really amazed at the bedside manner of Dr. Alderman. I highly recommend her for your procedure.” – AP

“Dr. Alderman is DaBomb!!” – MM

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