Breast Lift with Auto Augmentation in Alpharetta, Ga

For Dr. Alderman, nothing is more rewarding than reshaping and lifting the breasts using the patient’s own tissue.  A breast lift with auto augmentation is faster than the fat transfer method of breast enhancement. It is the perfect way to achieve an ideal aesthetic with entirely natural materials—your own cells.

For patients considering cosmetic breast surgery and without implants, Dr. Amy Alderman has an alternative. She provides breast lifts with auto augmentation in Alpharetta and the Buckhead area.

Why Dr. Alderman Loves Auto Augmentations and Breast Lifts

Often, women have enough breast volume, but just in the wrong location.  Dr. Alderman enjoys explaining to patients how their anatomy will change with the procedure.  The breast will be lifted off the abdomen; the breast’s base width will be narrowed, and the nipple will be repositioned so that it is centered on the breast mound.  The lower breast tissue below the nipple will be moved behind the breast’s upper border and the nipple to provide more projection. 

By repositioning the lower breast tissue to a higher position, the projection will be enhanced, and the chance of relaxation minimized.  This method of redistributing existing tissue creates fantastic results without unnecessarily adding volume with an implant. Dr. Alderman can take existing tissue to make it work better for your aesthetic goals. It’s a great way to provide natural, long-lasting breast rejuvenation, making this one of Dr. Alderman’s much-loved treatments for improving patients’ confidence and wellness.

The Benefits of a Breast Lift and Natural Augmentation

Breast lift with auto-augmentation can:

  • Lift your breasts to a youthful position
  • Improve the shape of your breasts
  • Prevent your breasts from becoming smaller during surgery
  • Correct drooping nipples
  • Increase self-confidence

Dr. Alderman is well known for her breast surgery.  She takes great pride in providing her patients the most advanced techniques available that optimize shape while minimizing scars.  The breast lift with an auto-augmentation is one of her favorite procedures.  It allows her to use her creative skills to shape your breasts without the need for an implant.  Patients love knowing that their results are long-lasting without the maintenance issues involved with an implant.  She will go over in great detail with you how the breast is reshaped and repositioned to give you a more youthful, natural appearance.

Should You Receive Implants with your Breast Lift Instead?

You are an excellent candidate for this surgery if your breasts have become relaxed and have lost volume. However, you still have enough natural breast tissue for auto-augmentation. If enough volume or tissue is not present, Dr. Alderman can discuss your options during your consultation and examination. Implants are sometimes recommended if there is not sufficient extraneous fat to provide a natural graft.

Dr. Alderman is always happy to discuss treatment methods during in-office visits. If you would like to learn more about the implant alternative to this procedure, please visit our page on implants and lifts or call our office today.

Meet Dr. Alderman

Dr. Amy Alderman is a nationally known, board-certified plastic surgeon located in Buckhead near Atlanta. As a female surgeon and mother of two children, she provides a unique perspective to patient care. Each surgical plan is individually tailored to each patient’s needs and lifestyles and is aimed at enhancing her patient’s natural beauty and restoring confidence. She is known for her personal approach to patient care and has unparalleled commitment to patient safety, which can be attributed to years of education, professional experience and involvement in national patient safety initiatives.

Meet Dr. Alderman

What Happens During a Lift and Augmentation?

Breast lift with auto-augmentation is usually performed using general anesthesia, but hospitalization is not required. After the incisions are made, Dr. Alderman removes any excess skin and reshapes the breast using your natural breast tissue. This is highly customized for each patient based on your anatomy and the amount of tissue you have. Dr. Alderman will also relocate the nipples to a higher position to be centralized on the breast mound.

The surgery usually takes two to three hours. Patients can return home with a loved one or family member after their procedure and a short in-office recovery period. Dr. Alderman rarely uses a drain with the procedure, which patients love! This makes a recovery far more comfortable and reduces the number of follow-up visits required for your treatment plan.

Recovering from Breast Lift Surgery and Fat Transfer

You should take it easy for the first few days, but take short walks starting the next day. Most women can return to work within seven to 10 days, as long as their job is not physically strenuous. You should be able to resume exercise in about three weeks.

If you have sagging or deflated breasts but don’t want to get implants with your breast lift, call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Alderman. We are happy to help you learn more about our approach to breast lifts and auto augmentation in Atlanta, GA.

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Be sure to view our Before and After Photo Gallery of Breast Lift with Auto Augmentation procedures to see real patient results at North Atlanta Plastic Surgery.

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Breast Lift with Auto Augmentation FAQs

You and Dr. Alderman will discuss the cost of your breast lift with auto augmentation during your consultation. These fees will cover the surgeon, anesthesia, and the facility where the procedure is performed.

Since breast auto augmentation is considered elective cosmetic surgery, medical insurance does not cover your expenses. Finance programs may be available, and this should be discussed with Dr. Alderman and her staff.

The risks associated with breast auto augmentation include the following:

  • Anesthesia complications
  • Temporary numbness of the breast
  • Hematoma (pooling of blood under the skin that may create clotting)
  • Seroma (collection of fluid under the skin)
  • Wound separation, infection, scarring, and asymmetry
  • Complications caused by not restricting activities
  • General dissatisfaction with the results.

Be sure to discuss the risks with Dr. Alderman during your consultation. Dr. Alderman is a highly trained Atlanta auto augmentation specialist who is well prepared for any complications.

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