Why Choose a Board-Certified Surgeon?

When you are seeking cosmetic surgery, you are doing so because you expect it to have a far-reaching, positive effect on your quality of life. The practice you choose to care for you is a decision you should never make lightly, as your medical team is responsible for not only keeping you safe and minimizing your chance of complications, but for providing results you can be proud of.

A successful procedure will make you feel more confident in your appearance and give you a self-esteem boost you can carry with you for years to come. On the other hand, ending up under the care of an unqualified or inexperienced team increases the likelihood your procedure will leave you even less satisfied with your appearance than before.

It’s worth your time to do your homework and find a medical team with years of training, study, and experience in your desired procedure. The first and most essential criterion to look for is board certification.

Meet Dr. Alderman

Dr. Amy Alderman is a nationally known, board-certified plastic surgeon located in Buckhead near Atlanta.  As a female surgeon and mother of two children, she provides a unique perspective to patient care.  Each surgical plan is individually tailored to each patient’s needs and lifestyles and is aimed at enhancing her patient’s natural beauty and restoring confidence. She is known for her personal approach to patient care and has unparalleled commitment to patient safety, which can be attributed to years of education, professional experience and involvement in national patient safety initiatives.

Experience Is Key

Because human anatomy is so complex, each discipline in the field of plastic surgery requires a highly specific skill set. For example, successfully completing a facelift, which involves comprehensive knowledge of both bony and muscular structures, is a different process than enlarging breasts, which are mostly soft tissue.

Given the level of detail and intricacy involved in cosmetic surgery, it’s easy to understand why different surgeons choose to hone-in on subspecialties within their practices. As you are researching potential surgeons, look for someone with extensive training and experience in the procedure you are considering, as well as someone who performs the technique often. For example, if you are hoping to get a breast procedure such as a lift or reduction, but the surgeon’s website does not mention any breast specialties, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

The NAPS Difference: Two Board-Certified Specialists on Your Team

Achieving board certification is how plastic surgeon, Dr. Amy Alderman, and anesthesiologist, Dr. Aida Joiner, demonstrate the ultimate commitment to their craft. Board-certification signifies a doctor has reached the pinnacle of their profession when it comes to knowledge, safety, and ethics, and is willing to maintain that status with hard work and dedication.

Dr. Alderman is a plastic surgeon specializing in cosmetic surgery, which is an important distinction to make. There are multiple surgeons, internists, dermatologists, facial plastic ENTs that call themselves cosmetic surgeons and will perform breast and body procedures because they have a certificate saying as much. However, at North Atlanta Plastic Surgery, patients can expect the highest level of care from all physicians who participate in their treatment plan. Dr. Alderman is highly trained in cosmetic procedures and works side-by-side with Dr. Aida Joiner to ensure your procedure is highly effective, safe, and comfortable.

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A Unique Approach to Plastic Surgery

While there are thousands of board-certified plastic surgeons offering treatment, it’s rare to find a practice where a surgeon and anesthesiologist have formed a partnership to care for their patients. Many practices or other clinics will call-in a nurse anesthetist as needed to complete your procedure, but this person often is not a permanent fixture of the practice.

At North Atlanta Plastic Surgery, our in-house board-certified anesthesiologist and medical doctor, Dr. Aida Joiner, is a part of every treatment plan; this unique partnership between Dr. Alderman and Dr. Joiner provides improved patient care, safety, and enhances the patient experience. Many of our patients bring us competitive quotes from other practices that outline a nurse anesthetist will administer anesthesia. With our help, however, patients always have access to an MD who provides general anesthesia or sedation during their surgical procedures.

Our Commitment to Patient Satisfaction

Earning board certification is proof that a doctor is at the top of their field. But the team at North Atlanta Plastic Surgery understands that you are seeking surgical care because you want to feel better about yourself, which is a choice that requires personal attention in addition to medical excellence. On top of our doctors’ dedication to expertise in their specialties, Dr. Alderman and Dr. Joiner’s friendly, approachable demeanor puts patients at ease, allowing them to trust the treatment process  With our help, you can feel completely comfortable sharing your health history and being up-front about any questions you have.

Dr. Alderman and Dr. Joiner pride themselves in a caring bedside manner and on treating every patient like a friend. Our specialists entered the field of cosmetic medicine out of a genuine desire to change people’s lives for the better, and it shows in their approach to patient interaction.

A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon & Anesthesiologist at the Forefront of their Fields

When it comes to your health and long-term satisfaction with your results, you want to be confident your surgeon is working with your best interests at heart. Don’t put your health at risk by choosing an uncredentialed physician who doesn’t operate in an accredited facility. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Alderman and a board-certified anesthesiologist Dr. Aida Joiner can give you the outstanding results you deserve as a direct benefit of their partnership.

Dr. Alderman and Dr. Aida Joiner founded North Atlanta Plastic Surgery to provide Atlanta and Buckhead residents with a leading choice for cosmetic procedures, including both surgical and non-surgical options.

If you’re considering cosmetic surgery in Atlanta, choose board-certified plastic surgeons and anesthesiologists with a commitment to excellence. Contact our office today to request your consultation!

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