Dr. Aida Joiner – Atlanta, GA Anesthesiologist

“One of my favorite times with my patients is just before they go off to sleep and they tell me that they can’t believe they are doing this, they’ve wanted to for so long but have felt selfish. They have kids and others in their lives that need them and they are choosing to have elective surgery. I love reminding them that they have given to their kids, spouses, and others every day and many times all day. It’s alright to put themselves first for a change instead of last. I laugh and reassure them that they will be right back to being the last one on that totem pole once again before too long.” – Dr. Joiner

More about Dr. Joiner: Friendly and Compassionate Care

Imagine having 10 minutes to make someone feel comfortable enough that they would put their life in your hands. Although the surgeon is often seen as the most important player in the operating room, the reality is that the anesthesiologist is equally important. Dr. Aida Joiner, our practice’s board-certified anesthesiologist and Atlanta native, knew as early as high school that medicine would be her career. But it wasn’t until she spent a summer with a family friend, an anesthesiologist in Miami, that she realized that the operating room was where she wanted to be. As opposed to internal medicine where it can take months and sometimes years to affect change in patients, Dr. Joiner enjoyed being a part of an immediate change. Having to use her interpersonal skills and ability to communicate in a clear and supportive manner to develop a trusting relationship with her patients is the favorite part of her job. As well, Dr. Joiner enjoys blending knowledge, technical skill, and clinical judgment when caring for patients in the operating room.

Background: Education, Training, and Experience

Her path was fairly typical for someone that knew what she wanted to be in life. In high school and college working in the hospital exposed her to medicine early on. Dr. Joiner graduated Cum Laude from The University of Georgia with a Biochemistry degree. She was president of the medical honor society and gained early admission to The Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine. She went on to do a rotational surgical internship that exposed her to several surgical subspecialties before going on to do her residency in Anesthesiology at Emory University and Affiliated Hospitals, including Grady Memorial, Crawford Long, Egleston Children’s, and the Veteran Hospitals in Atlanta.


After 10 years in the metro Atlanta hospitals, Dr. Joiner decided to start her own practice with two other colleagues and specialize in outpatient surgery, specifically catering to plastic surgery. She enjoys the personalized attention that she is able to give her patients because she cares for the patient herself instead of directing nurse anesthetists or physician assistants. Making a patient feel confident that they are in the best of hands in such a short period of time is extremely important. Additionally, the ability to work well with the same few surgeons means better teamwork and overall patient care.

Now, more than 24 years after completing her residency, Dr. Joiner still loves meeting with her patients, talking to them and listening to their concerns, educating them regarding anesthesia and postoperative expectations. Having her patients know that in and out of the operating room, the entire team will be focused on giving them the ultimate best care possible.

Outside the Office

When she is not in the OR with Dr. Alderman, you can find the two banging away at a tennis ball, cycling on the Silver Comet Trail or racing their 911s! Then again you may even run into them in their favorite city of Paris from time to time.  Joiner also enjoys spending time with her husband, David, and her two grown sons as they travel, play tennis and golf, or boat around Carter’s lake.

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