Dermal Fillers in Atlanta, GA with The Spa at NAPS

Both Dr. Joiner and Dr. Alderman are proud to offer a versatile selection of the latest dermal fillers. Injectable fillers enhance and replace hydration, improve the tissue volumization processes, and help slow the cosmetic effect of the natural aging process. As we age, we lose our naturally occurring hyaluronic acid. This results in loss of structural support. Luckily, we can easily replace it. Injected fillers provide support and volume in areas of concern such as cheeks, lips, and nasal labial folds. Once in place, the filler can provide contouring and enhancement. Fillers are a great way to update your look and enhance your natural beauty.

Ask our team at The Spa at NAPS how we can help you look years younger with injectable dermal fillers. Contact our Atlanta medical spa today to get started!

How are Dermal Fillers Created?

Fillers for skin rejuvenation have made significant advances over the past 10 years.  In the past, we had to use collagen derived from pigs, and many patients were allergic to these products.  Now, we have fillers made from hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in our body.  The advantage is that patients are not allergic to hyaluronic acid, and this important compound can be produced and manufactured from non-human, non-animal methods. Both Dr. Alderman and Dr. Joiner can also dissolve these fillers if the patient desires to have the product removed.

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Your Filler Options at The Spa at NAPS

Hyaluronic acids are produced by different companies but all produce similar results. Slight variations are made in the products to provide different fill properties. For example, some fillers have larger molecules and have a stiffer feel. These products are better for areas that need strength, such as lifting the cheeks. Other products have smaller molecules and are softer to the touch. These are best used for delicate areas such as the lips.

Galderma provides the following products: Restylane®, Restylane® Lyft, Restylane® Silk, Refyne, Defyne. Allergan has these fillers: Juvéderm®, Voluma, Vollure, and Volbella. And Merz brand has Belotero™. Dr. Joiner and Dr. Alderman will provide a free private consultation to help you understand what options will help achieve the look you want.

Picking the Right Dermal Filler Based on Treatment Area

Fillers are designed with different areas in mind. They are processed to be either more structurally supportive or more flexible, which is why our team tailors each consultation to the individual patient, to ensure the desired results are achieved. Areas such as cheeks, nasal labial folds, and lips have static and dynamic movements that are very different. Different fillers can coordinate with those movements for either a natural look or a more va-va-voom appearance. There is no wrong answer! We have a terrific range of products for your desired look.

The amount of filler either Dr. Joiner or Dr. Alderman recommends will be discussed at your private consultation. It depends on your desired outcome. Some patients desire an incremental process, some desire immediate rejuvenation. We can plan according to your lifestyle and budget.

Your Atlanta Dermal Filler Appointment

We schedule you for a personal, private consultation. Both Dr. Aida Joiner and Dr. Amy Alderman are very experienced and take time to listen to your ideas and guide you to achieving your goals. The amount of fillers needed is discussed and a pricing plan will be made for you. Once you decide on your treatment plan, the injections are a relatively easy process. Numbing cream is applied and the area to be injected is cleansed thoroughly. You can also be actively involved with your treatment if desired. You are given a mirror and are encouraged to give input during the injection process.

Meet Dr. Joiner

Dr. Aida Joiner is an extremely experienced, board-certified anesthesiologist who specializes in providing anesthetic services for outpatient, cosmetic surgery here at our Atlanta and Alpharetta offices. What sets her apart from her peers is her attention to detail, concern for patient safety, and desire to provide the most advanced anesthetic techniques currently available.  And she is always available to discuss our patient’s concerns prior to surgery.  She completes the surgical team! No one gives a better anesthesia experience than Dr. Joiner. 

Meet Dr. Alderman

Dr. Amy Alderman is a nationally known, board-certified plastic surgeon located in Buckhead near Atlanta. As a female surgeon and mother of two children, she provides a unique perspective to patient care. Each surgical plan is individually tailored to each patient’s needs and lifestyles and is aimed at enhancing her patient’s natural beauty and restoring confidence. She is known for her personal approach to patient care and has unparalleled commitment to patient safety, which can be attributed to years of education, professional experience and involvement in national patient safety initiatives.

Meet Dr. Alderman

Patient Questions about Cosmetic Dermal Fillers

Most patients tolerate this process very well. We can assist you with topical numbing cream if necessary.  Most of the fillers have lidocaine incorporated into the hyaluronic acid for added comfort.  Afterward, you may be a little tender to touch for a few days as the filler softly incorporates into the dermis.

You can resume normal activity immediately after your injections.  The most common reactions to injections are swelling associated with the injections and the filler, bruising, and tenderness to touch; some high impact activity can affect swelling. This typically lasts for a few days. Lips can be a little more sensitive due to the nature of the delicate skin.  Ice packs can help to minimize swelling and bruising.

Yes! It is best to limit aspirin-based products and anti-inflammatories for a week prior.  If these are necessary for any medical condition, discuss this with your primary care physician and our office.  We have an anti-bruising, anti-swelling supplement kit available for purchase.

Most hyaluronic acid fillers have been clinical shown to last approximately 9-12 months.  You can prolong this with incremental touch-ups.

Every dermal filler has had extensive clinical testing prior to being available to patients and are FDA approved. Our products have been used globally since 1996. Injector credentialing is important, and our providers have extensive experience in injections and are certified master injectors.

If you have any sensitivity to hyaluronic acid, lidocaine, or gram-positive bacteria tell either Dr. Alderman or Dr. Joiner. Let them know of any history of facial surgery, nerve or muscle injury, or facial diseases. Some medical conditions that can affect healing such as autoimmune disorders, diabetes, bleeding or endocrine disorders, discuss with our team.

Your custom plan will be discussed with you as to amount needed for your desired look. Syringes start at $600 and up. Package pricing is available. We encourage our patients to participate in the rewards programs associated with the filler manufacturer. You can redeem coupons and points.

Absolutely! Softening the muscle fibers and keeping them relaxed along with hydration and volume is a 1-2 punch!

Are you ready to look younger without the need for surgery? Call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Joiner or Dr. Alderman to discuss Restylane®® and Juvéderm®® in Atlanta, GA.