The neck area plays a pivotal role in overall facial aesthetics. Men and women will begin to notice bands and sagging skin on its delicate skin during their midlife. Or unwanted fat may emerge, causing the dreaded turkey wattle.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Amy Alderman offers neck liposuction surgery to reshape this area and dramatically tone and define the neck and jawline. It delivers these attractive benefits with minimal scarring and downtime. If you look to boost self-confidence and perfectly frame your facial appearance, here are four problems this procedure can solve.

1. Sagging Skin

One of the initial signs of aging is when gravity begins affecting your facial skin. As skin laxity increases, facial tissue falls, creating folds, wrinkles, and bands. This issue frequently occurs below the chin and jowls, causing the jawline to appear less defined.

2. A Double Chin

Yes, skin laxity can be a problem as we age. But excess neck fat can also blur the line of demarcation between your chin and neck, causing the appearance of a double chin even for people who are at a healthy weight. When we remove the fat, the skin often tightens in response, providing a much more contoured jawline.

3. A Busy Schedule

Are you short on time, but still want to look great before an event like a vacation or class reunion? Neck lipo is a brief, in-office procedure that provides the results you’re looking for on the same day, making it an ideal option for people who want to look younger without waiting.

4. Premature Aging

When you think about liposuction, you may picture having it done on larger areas such as your thighs or abdomen. However, a neck liposuction can help resolve premature aging issues caused by gravity and a loss of skin elasticity, slimming the neck and jawline for a smoother, more youthful contour.

Why Choose Neck Liposuction?

What if your neck is causing cosmetic concerns that have affected the balance of your facial appearance? A neck liposuction will have you feeling years younger and boost your confidence and self-esteem.

Once you’ve decided on this minor surgery, don’t be surprised when heads turn as you pass by. It helps men and women get more attention than before.

Neck Liposuction With North Atlanta Plastic Surgery

Though many clinics and health care professionals offer cosmetic surgery, board-certified plastic surgeons are the optimal choice. No physicians in the medical field uphold higher standards or continue ongoing training to improve their skills and knowledge.

Dr. Amy Alderman offers the best cosmetic corrections aesthetic medicine has to offer. Contact us today for your neck liposuction consultation in North Atlanta.