We are all a little asymmetrical—whether it be our earlobes, or one foot a little bigger than the other—but generally, these small differences go unnoticed and unseen. For many women across the globe, though, uneven breast size can cause anxiety and significant distress at the cost of self-esteem. 

Uneven breasts can even make it difficult to find clothes that do not accentuate lopsidedness or bras that fit comfortably when one breast is a different size from the other. 25-50 percent of women report breast symmetry that causes concern and self-consciousness. 

Dr. Alderman has particular expertise in breast augmentation surgery and wants to be sure her patients have all the pertinent information on this life-changing procedure. You can have even, natural-looking breasts—all it takes is a consultation at our North Atlanta offices today. 

1. What causes breast asymmetry?

Breast asymmetry can have a number of different causes, depending on the type of unevenness and your lifestyle. Some of the most common causes and contributors to breast asymmetry are:

  • Breastfeeding and pregnancy
  • Weight fluctuation
  • Hormonal changes
  • Genetics
  • Sagging of the skin around your breast tissue after a significant loss of weight
  • Medications 
  • Traumatic injuries

2. Variations of Breast Asymmetry

The two most common types of breast asymmetry are known as tuberous breasts and breast hypoplasia. 

The first of these two, tuberous breasts, can affect one or both of your breasts. Tuberous breasts are characterized by the development of a narrow, thin, and long tube-like shape on the chest. They often are abnormal in size and shape and can appear incredibly different from one another. Occasionally they develop enlarged, droopy areolas. 

Breast hypoplasia, on the other hand, is characterized by one breast having reduced development leading to unevenness. 

3. There Are Surgical Options Available for Every Woman

While breast asymmetry can vary widely, we have an equally broad number of options to tackle every kind of asymmetry. This can include enlarging the smaller two of your breasts through breast augmentation, reducing the size of your larger breast via breast reduction, altering the size od both breasts to make them bigger or smaller, or by performing a breast lift to realign your breast positioning. 

Dr. Alderman has a broad range of tools at her disposal to ensure you leave the office with perfect breasts. She can tailor the breast augmentation process to meet all of your unique needs and symptoms. Depending on these factors, one person may need multiple surgeries where another does not. Implants make an excellent fit for some cases as well. 

While most women with breast asymmetry make great candidates for breast augmentation, certain cases do not. Dr. Alderman will discuss all of the available options and determine whether or not breast augmentation is a good option to improve your breast asymmetry.

1 What does the surgery involve?

Corrective breast augmentation surgery seeks to match your breasts in size as closely as possible. As mentioned above, this can be achieved through a number of surgical interventions and perhaps combinations of differing breast enhancement/reduction techniques. 

As such, surgery looks different for each case. It may involve using an implant on one side while lifting or reducing the size of the other breast. In short, it depends on your individual situation and symptoms. Your surgeon will discuss and determine a treatment plan to deliver the best possible results and solutions. 

Generally, the procedure(s) is completed under general anesthesia and requires you to stay overnight in the hospital before being discharged the next day. There are some risks associated with these procedures, as with all plastic surgery, though your surgeon will minimize all risks and give you the information and care necessary to avoid these as best as possible.

If you have any lasting concerns, Dr. Alderman will happily discuss them and address these issues to find the procedure that suits your needs and lifestyle best. 

2 Be Sure to Choose an Expert in Breast Asymmetry Surgery

When choosing the surgeon for your breast augmentation, be certain they are board-certified and have expertise in breast surgery. Dr. Alderman is especially adept at this surgical process and has extensive experience dealing with a great variety of breast asymmetry causation.

If you have any further questions or are ready to begin taking steps towards the symmetrical breasts you deserve, do not hesitate to contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!