While diet and exercise may help you lose pounds and inches in areas like your waistline, arms, and legs, you may still find yourself frustrated with a double chin. So many of us struggle with submental fat below the jawline, making those morning trips to the mirror or taking selfies less than appealing.

While a double chin isn’t appealing, aesthetic medicine has found a non-surgical answer. Kybella® is an FDA-approved injectable treatment that will help you eliminate this stubborn fat pocket.

Kybella® Double Chin Treatment

Resolving a double chin amounts to ridding yourself of the submental fat in the neck area. Kybella® uses a naturally occurring compound called deoxycholic acid that destroys this excess fat when injected. This treatment is unique because it’s the only FDA-approved injectable for double chins. Minimal use of an adverse reaction makes Kybella® safely accessible for anyone, regardless of your age or skin tone.

As with most injectable treatments, there is no special preparation for Kybella®. However, make sure to thoroughly wash your face before the procedure to reduce the risk of infection. Also, don’t take over-the-counter pain meds like ibuprofen or acetaminophen, which that can increase bruising.

Kybella® therapy typically includes 12 to 20 tiny injections per session. This process extends over two to six appointments to achieve optimal results. Once your body flushes out the fat, it is gone for good. There are no touch-up treatments necessary to eliminate unwanted fat cells.

Results You Can Show Off

Once the swelling resolves within a couple of weeks, you will notice a gradual reduction of your double chin, with a sleek neckline to perfectly outline your face. The benefits remain if your weight remains stable. Most patients are candidates as long as they don’t struggle with a bleeding disorder and are not currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

To ensure you are well-qualified to receive Kybella® injections, Dr. Alderman will evaluate your skin quality to ensure you have sufficient laxity in your neck and jawline. The best candidates for Kybella® are people whose double chin is hereditary, rather than resulting from weight gain.

Dr. Alderman will ensure the treatment is safe for you by asking questions about current medications you may be taking, medical conditions, and providing excellent injection skills.

Kybella® vs. Liposuction

As an injectable treatment, Kybella® is quick and convenient, with minimal recovery and no downtime. Liposuction and CoolSculpting offer similar results and provide additional options to resolve a double chin. You can also combine treatment for a one-two punch to knock submental fat out of your neck area for good.

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