When working toward your ultimate lean and sleek figure, unwanted fat bulges are your worst enemy. Even after dieting and exercise has helped you to get close to your target weight, you may have some difficult spots. Whether they stubbornly remain on your upper arms, or poke out around your bra strap, abdomen, or flanks, it’s time to call in the big guns. CoolSculpting is a non-surgical fat reduction therapy that is designed to eliminate unwanted pockets of fat. But is it for everybody?  And more specifically, is it right for you? Here are five reasons patients in the North Atlanta area choose CoolSculpting to help them achieve their body shaping goals. 

1. Healthy Weight

CoolSculpting is not a weight-loss treatment. However, it is a body contouring tool that will help you achieve the shape you want in one or more trouble spots on your body. If you are looking to lose significant weight in the future, you should hold off on this fat freezing procedure until you are close to your healthy weight.

2. Pinchable Fat

Like we said before, CoolSculpting is for stubborn fat bulges that are in different areas. The attachment that comes into contact with your skin requires you have pinchable fat to work effectively. In this way, the state-of-the-art device can deliver the fat-freezing process just below the skin surface.

Through this treatment, fat cells are destroyed and removed naturally by your body.

3. Gradual Improvement

Unlike liposuction, which is a minimally-invasive body sculpting surgery, your results are not apparent right after the procedure. Your results with CoolSculpting will become visible after two or three weeks. In fact, there will be a gradual improvement for about twelve weeks afterward, creating naturally subtle but transformative results.

4. Committed to a Healthy Lifestyle

CoolSculpting is perfect for patients who are committed to maintaining good health. They eat right, follow a consistent workout routine, and work to look great. Although CoolSculpting results are permanent, your existing fat cells can still expand. That is why we recommend CoolSculpting for patients who will maintain a relatively stable weight.

5. Pliable Skin

Your skin will need to adapt to the reduced subcutaneous fat once it is gone after your CoolSculpting treatment. Patients whose skin is elastic and healthy experience the best results. If not, your skin may droop or sag, causing unsightly wrinkles or stretch marks. 

To learn more about our body shaping therapies, and which one would work best for you, schedule a consultation with North Atlanta Plastic surgery or call 470-381-3610.