Many women who are pursuing mommy makeover surgery are so excited about looking and feeling as great (if not even greater) as they did before having children. It’s no wonder so many women want to rejuvenate their bodies as quickly as possible. At North Atlanta Plastic Surgery, patients frequently ask Dr. Amy Alderman how soon after giving birth must they wait before having mommy makeover surgery. Here are some guidelines to help educate you on some of our recommendations to ensure your safety and your ideal results.

You Must Be Fully Recovered from Childbirth First

The first milestone we recommend that you hit before becoming a candidate for plastic surgery is that you must be fully recovered from your childbirth. For uncomplicated deliveries, the general timeline that we recommend is a minimum of 6 weeks to recover from vaginal birth and eight weeks to recover from a C-Section. But if you had a challenging delivery or experience other childbirth or postpartum complication, you’ll want to wait a bit longer and be cleared by your primary physician before any elective surgery is performed.

Milk Production Should Have Stopped For 3 To 6 Months

If breast augmentation or a breast lift are going to be a part of your treatment plan, you’ll want to wait, in general, around 3 to 6 months after your milk production has stopped completely to have surgery performed. This ensures that your breasts have fully returned to their normal volume, which is often smaller than their pre-pregnancy volume.

You Should Be at or Near Your Goal Weight

Moms who want to pursue a mommy makeover should be at or near their ideal weight before surgery. As we all know, losing weight after having a baby can take time. The reason this is a requirement is that a tummy tuck isn’t meant to be a weight loss solution. Instead, the procedure is designed to repair the stomach muscles that have been separated during pregnancy and remove excess and sagging skin left over once you’ve lost the baby weight.

You Should Be Certain You Have Completed Your Family Before Undergoing A Mommy Makeover

Dr. Alderman recommends that women be sure they are done having children before having an abdominoplasty or mommy makeover. This isn’t because having an abdominoplasty, breast procedure, or liposuction can cause complications for a future pregnancy. Many women have gone on to have children after having one of these procedures. We encourage women to be finished having children because future pregnancies could have a negative effect on their mommy makeover results. We care about your long-term results, which is why we highly recommend that patients be certain they are finished having children before moving forward with the procedures.

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