Liposuction marks a considerable step forward in your commitment to having, and keeping, the body you want. While today’s improved liposuction techniques can quickly and efficiently remove target areas of fat, it’s up to you to maintain your new slimmer figure. Good news: You’re not alone. Our entire team at North Atlanta Plastic Surgery is here to help support you throughout your journey and offer our expertise in keeping your belly flat and arms slim after lipo.

Here are four of our top tips.

1. Stay Hydrated

The amount of water you drink every day can have a shockingly significant effect on your weight. Proper hydration both helps keep body weight stable and can even help you lose further weight. Each person requires a different amount of water to be fully hydrated, so the goal is to listen to your body and keep drinking water semi-regularly throughout the day. As the USDA notes, it’s incredibly rare that people drink too much water, so do what feels best for you. 

How Does Water Help You Lose Weight?

Water helps increase the body’s caloric burning rates, and proper hydration leads to a resting energy expenditure of calories. On average, adults can lose an increased 24 to 30% of body weight after drinking cold water. Regular water consumption can also reduce overall BMI and support a healthier metabolism. 

Drinking water can also help those struggling with appetite, as the body often confuses hunger and thirst. Especially in adults over 40, it’s essential to drink throughout your day and with meals to regulate your digestion. Since water’s calorie-free, skipping out on sugary and caloric drinks can also make keeping your weight off considerably easier. 

2. Lifestyle Is Everything

Liposuction is most popular among people who have already lost a significant amount of weight but want those last stubborn pockets wiped out. These hard workers most certainly know how vital an active lifestyle is to feel good in your body. After just two weeks post-op, you’ll be able to begin lightly exercising again. That said, be sure to talk to Dr. Alderman before you start any new exercises.

Aerobic and Resistance Exercises

In most cases, Dr. Alderman recommends patients get out of bed and start moving around within 48 hours of liposuction. What’s paramount in these next couple of weeks is listening to your body. When you begin to feel any fatigue, rest. Don’t rush yourself. You’ll need to avoid strenuous aerobic exercise like running or power yoga for around three weeks following your procedure. Even when you do return to the gym, you’ll need to take things slowly as you regain the strength and endurance to keep up your gorgeous new figure. 

After two weeks post-op, most patients have recovered enough to begin some resistance training. At first, you should avoid exercising the surgical area. Once the area has fully healed, though, you’ll be clear to exercise your arms and abs. Again here, start slowly and gradually ramp up the intensity.

3. A Healthy Diet Makes All the Difference

Liposuction provides the sculpting exercise and diet alone can’t. But those two elements in combination will keep your figure looking it’s very best. Recent research has shown dieting doesn’t work, but significant, holistic lifestyle and eating habit shifts do. Instead of cutting out a wide swath of foods you love, strive for moderation.

Common-sense eating habits like trying to stick to a plant-based diet rich in protein, fatty acids, and fiber go a long way. Do your best to avoid highly processed and sugary foods. But, a single piece of cake or dessert every now and again won’t cause the fat removed through liposuction to regrow. Enjoy living life in your trimmer body you’ve worked for and committed to.

Try out new recipes that use a rainbow of fresh fruits and vegetables. Exploring seasonal produce can help you reap the benefits of a nutrient- and vitamin-rich diet.

4. Practice Stress Reduction

Stress causes increased cortisol levels, which can lower the body’s metabolic rates and increase insulin levels, resulting in higher rates of fat storage. So, the less stressed you are after liposuction, the better. One proven stress-busting technique is practicing self-care. Beginning a mindfulness practice and doing your best to stay positive can help a lot too. If you’re open to it, start a daily gratitude journal.

Following these four tips will make maintaining your sculpted figure post-lipo much simpler. Stay hydrated, active, healthy, and relaxed as much as possible. Dr. Alderman is here to help.

If you have any further questions, be sure to give our North Atlanta, GA, office a call at (470) 381-3610, or contact us online today.