After giving birth to a baby, especially post-vaginal delivery, the labia often undergo physical changes and in some cases tearing. These changes can cause both physical and emotional discomfort, leading to anxiety and even trouble in your intimate relationships. Sagging, stretching, and asymmetry can pose problems from hygiene challenges to tenderness or soreness during everyday activities like walking or sitting. Self-consciousness over the appearance of your labia can cause trouble across your personal, professional, and romantic life.

Dr. Alderman, a board-certified plastic surgeon, understands that women’s concerns about their labia after pregnancy are multi-faceted and often encapsulate both functional and aesthetic issues. As these issues get rarely talked about in public, accepting the body’s changes can be very difficult. Our all-female surgical team will work with you one-on-one to ensure your comfort and confidence. We are here to help address any unwanted changes of the labia and/or vaginal opening—in many cases Labiaplasty can be the answer.

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How Pregnancy and Childbirth Change the Labia

Sometimes even the best-informed moms-to-be aren’t told about pregnancy’s ability to damage or change the vagina. Many women go into the childbearing process fully aware of and prepared for lower abdomen stretching or temporarily sagging, and in fact, see these changes as badges of their accomplishment. Changes to the labia, however, which are less widely discussed and can be disconcerting to look at and can even cause feelings of shame— especially as they may only affect one side of the vaginal opening.

Symptoms can vary widely, but many of our patients complain of noticing changes while working out at the gym or during sexual intercourse. Often though, the largest issues can be shifts in your self-perception. Many women have complex feelings surrounding their vaginal area, and negative aesthetic changes can pose a major barrier to loving your body and feeling like you.

Benefits of a Labiaplasty

Around 30 percent of women who give birth vaginally experience some complications. A lot of our patients are shocked to hear this number, having come to us worried they are alone or have an “unfixable” vagina.

  • Those who undergo labiaplasty often find:
  • Increased satisfaction with the look of their labia
  • More comfort in clothing and while exercising
  • Improved confidence
  • Expanded wardrobe options

Dr. Alderman will help you determine what procedure is right for you. We can help alleviate the symptoms of elongated or abnormally large labia or vaginal lips.

Finding the Perfect Timeline: Work with a Board-Certified Surgeon

What sets board-certified surgeons apart? First and foremost, by working with a board-certified plastic surgeon you guarantee your surgeon is highly skilled, trained, and offers the highest quality of care. Beyond that, board-certified surgeons, like Dr. Alderman won’t cut any corners and will ensure all necessary information to make your decision is clearly communicated from the beginning.

As for when a labiaplasty might be right for you after childbirth? Each woman’s body is different and everyone recovers from pregnancy on her own time. In general, you’ll need at least six months following your pregnancy before considering surgical procedures. At the time of birth (and even shortly after), Dr. Alderman doesn’t recommend you make any decisions. Your body will continue to change, and it is vital to wait until the stomach, breast, and other tissues settle back down and shrink. That way, you and Dr. Alderman have a clear idea of what you’d like to address moving forward.

In 2018 alone, more than 10,000 American women chose to have labiaplasty procedures performed. As the popularity of this procedure grows, we see more and more women coming to the office hoping to finally get achieve a beautiful vaginal area after childbirth. Once you’ve made your decision to come in for a consultation, we will discuss the full range of options—from Liposuction to the more comprehensive Mommy Makeover and everything in-between—best suited to achieving your ideal results. If you think labiaplasty might be right for you, please reach out.

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