Labiaplasty is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Its high success rate and the multitude of benefits have established this procedure as a favorite amongst women in Atlanta.

This surgery corrects vaginal lips (labia) that are asymmetrical or have become loose or stretched due to the effects of time and/or childbirth. Labiaplasty can also relieve physical discomfort and personal anxiety over the appearance of the genitals.

Every woman’s vaginal anatomy may vary considerably and can change over time, especially after childbirth. Uneven or large labia can cause a range of problems that can be addressed with this relatively simple gynecological procedure.

Dr. Alderman has particular expertise in vaginal anatomy, and we have one of the only all-women teams in Atlanta. Our team strives to ensure your comfort and confidence, from your initial consultation all the way through your recovery. Read on to learn more about the top reasons Atlanta women choose this procedure.

1. Improve Vaginal Aesthetics While Reducing Pain And Irritation

A labiaplasty can target any low-hanging tissue of the inner vaginal lips. By removing a modest amount of the inner labia, Dr. Alderman will leave you with a toned, smoother mucosa. What’s more, this procedure can minimize friction caused by the rubbing of excess tissue. For many women, this friction can lead to chronic irritation and infection, creating redness and soreness and even complications with hygiene. Removing this excess skin will help you to feel more comfortable and can enhance your overall vaginal health.

While most labiaplasties address only the inner labia, your labiaplasty can be customized to remove nominal amounts of tissue in the outer labia as well. Some patients may also choose to remove excess skin surrounding the clitoral hood. Women who’ve had labiaplasty say that they benefit from a more visually appealing, smaller, and more comfortable vagina after their procedures. 

2. Enhance Your Pleasure

Uneven or excess labial tissue can cause trouble during intimacy. Women who are embarrassed of their vaginal appearance may feel less confident when sharing sexual experiences with their partners. Excess tissue can also cause chafing during intercourse, affecting overall sensitivity and making it more difficult to reach orgasm. Many of our patients also say they experience some pain during sex due to the protrusion of their vaginal lips. 

Labiaplasty can bring enhanced pleasure during sex, renewing passion and enjoyment with your partner. Patients who also reduce their clitoral hoods often report an even more significant increase in pleasure.

3. Feel Comfortable No Matter What You Wear

Beyond discomfort, protruding labia can make wearing certain outfits uncomfortable or even impossible. Many of our patients come to us with concerns about how they look wearing workout clothing, bathing suits, tight jeans, leggings, and even undergarments.

Tight-fitting clothes may place pressure on the outer vagina, resulting in rashes, abrasions, and other problems. By reducing these features, Dr. Alderman can alleviate these troubles and make clothing feel more comfortable overall. Say goodbye to the pressure, friction, and itching. 

4. Live a Fuller Life

Tender, enlarged labial tissue may also negatively affect your ability to participate in everything life has to offer.

For such a small area of the body, it can have a big impact when your vaginal tissue is enlarged or unbalanced. Our patients often state they are unable to ride bicycles, for instance. Others find they are no longer able to play sports they once enjoyed.

Some women find that embarrassment and discomfort when wearing exercise clothing further prevent their participation in certain activities. With labial reduction, you can head back out into the world, ready to take on whatever comes your way.

5. Improve Your Confidence

Both aesthetic and medical issues can undermine your self-confidence, especially when it comes to your genital area. 

If you don’t feel good about your vagina, you can easily find yourself avoiding intimate connections, clothing, and activities. Not only will labiaplasty address these concerns, but it can also boost your self-esteem, positively affecting every part of your life.

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Dr. Alderman firmly believes every woman deserves to live in a body they love. 

With labiaplasty, our all-women team can help you attain a streamlined, aesthetically appealing vaginal appearance—and ensure your comfort, whether in the boardroom, the bedroom, or at the gym. If you think labiaplasty may be right for you, please contact us or call our Atlanta, GA, office at (470) 381-3610 today.