Tummy tucks, also known as abdominoplasty, are a surgical procedure that can provide transformative results. By removing excess fat and tissue and tightening the abdominal muscles, Dr. Alderman has helped countless patients achieve tighter tummies that they love. These impressive results require a significant commitment on your part, both financially and in time, to prepare before your surgery and recovery.

It’s critical that you understand each step of the process, from our first consultation to your final post-op follow-up with Dr. Alderman. Information is power, and our goal is to ensure that you have every fact, tip, and tidbit necessary for a well-informed and speedy recovery.

Ideally, we recommend patients have at least six months to plan their tummy tuck surgery. This window will give you the necessary time to prep, achieve, and maintain your ideal weight, organize recovery plan logistics, and ensure you’re working with a surgeon you trust.

In some cases, patients might not need a full six months to get ready––and that’s perfectly okay. Every tummy tuck is custom-built to fit your needs, goals, and lifestyle. As such, what works for you might not be the best solution for another patient. The better prepared you are for both surgery and recovery, the better your final results will be.

Below, we’ve broken down each step of planning to help give you’re a clear picture of what your tummy tuck will look like.

4-6 Months Before a Tummy Tuck

If you’re serious about getting a tummy tuck, now’s the time to begin getting committed to a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and a balanced diet. Your primary goals should be eating as many fresh fruits and veggies as possible, drinking water throughout the day, and staying mindfully active. Aside from increasing your overall mental and physical well-being, all of these habits are critical in maintaining long term improvements post tummy tuck.

For patients who smoke, the 4-6 month mark is an ideal point to begin quitting. We strongly recommend limiting alcohol intake as well. Both of these factors play a significant role in how your body will heal and fight off infection.

You should also begin to do your tummy tuck research and look into scheduling consultations with prospective doctors. It’s essential to work with a board-certified surgeon with extensive experience in tummy tucks. Be sure to ask for a wide variety of before and after photos to make sure their work is what you’re looking for.

4 Months Pre-Op

At this stage, you should be maintaining your fitness routine and getting very close to your ideal weight. This will both put you in an ideal position for recovery and help Dr. Alderman determine your candidacy for surgery. This is also when you should be having your consultations, as many board-certified surgeons book out three to four months ahead of time.

During your consultations, you’ll have the chance to ask any and all questions. Coming in with an open mind and realistic goals is very important to ensure your doctors can build an ideal treatment plan.

3 Months Pre-Op

Three months before, you should have selected your surgeon and finalized surgery dates. Now’s the time to take care of prepping for recovery, scheduling time off work, organizing pet and childcare, and setting up a support network to help you around the house in the initial healing phase.

Dr. Alderman will go in-depth with you about all the details and preparations you’ll need to make. You’ll also need to quit all tobacco products altogether now. It’s time to get excited about the transformation ahead!

1 Month Pre-Op

In these last few weeks before your tummy tuck, you should do some final check-ins and go over all of your plans for surgery day and recovery. Stock up on supplies and begin creating your recovery environment. Dr. Alderman will help you compile a list of everything you’ll need for a comfortable healing process.

Generally, we recommend patients purchase:

  • Firm pillows to aid elevated sleeping
  • Gauze pads
  • Comfortable clothes and loose, easy to remove underwear
  • Ice packs and over the counter pain medication
  • Any prescribed compression garments

One easy way to take a big load off your recovery process is to meal prep and freeze the food you’ll eat after surgery. Having your meals dealt with ahead of time will reduce your stress and encourage healthy eating habits. Leading up to surgery day, follow all pre-op checklist items, and wear comfy clothes. Dr. Alderman will check-in with you the day-of and answer any last-minute questions you have.

Schedule Your Consultation

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