While a tummy tuck alone provides a slimmer contour and firmer belly, it traditionally focuses on removing skin and tightening muscles only in the midsection. With this removal of excess skin and tissue out of the way, some women find their mons pubis (the fleshy area just above the vaginal cleft, sometimes called a FUPA) looks excessively prominent in comparison.

Indeed, your newly toned, flatter stomach may enhance any pronouncement of the mons pubis. A Pubic Lift can address these issues, offering focused results in the area below the abdomen and midsection.

Though Pubic Lifts are much less well-known than tummy tucks, in recent years the trend of combining them with tummy tucks has been on a substantial rise. Since 2000, this procedure has seen a more than 40-fold increase in popularity, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. When paired with a body contouring procedure like a Tummy tuck, a Pubic Lift can provide stunning, comprehensive results.

To learn if pairing a pubic lift with a tummy tuck is right for you, read on. If you have any further questions, please call our Atlanta, GA, office a call at (470) 381-3610.

The Benefits of a Pubic Lift with Your Tummy Tuck

Excess skin sagging around the mons pubis can interfere with more than just your self-esteem. Many women also find their urinary function and sexual enjoyment affected by this condition. Intimate relationships can face further difficulties due to the significant embarrassment associated with a prominent mons pubis. Tightening and lifting the area can result in greater sexual pleasure, restored urinary function, and a considerable boost in self-confidence.

In combination with an abdominoplasty, Dr. Alderman can provide significant improvement for women struggling with a bulging area below the abdomen. Clothing will fit you better, and you can enjoy a more feminine, toned appearance below the beltline.

With such astounding results, you may be wondering why pubic lifts aren’t always included with tummy tucks. The answer depends on each patient’s unique situation, anatomy, and aesthetic goals. During your consultation, Dr. Alderman will discuss all the options available to achieve ideal outcomes safely and efficiently.

Choosing What’s Right for You

Determining whether or not to pair a pubic lift with your tummy tuck isn’t a black and white decision. Each patient who comes into Dr. Alderman’s office requires a customized approach in determining the best treatment plan to address their individual concerns.

Not every person needs (or desires) a pubic lift or mon pubis liposuction added to their tummy tuck. Surgery is not a one-size-fits-all process; Dr. Alderman will work with you one-on-one to review the available options and help you achieve excellent results. If you have any concerns about what your mons pubis will look like after a tummy tuck, we will find the best path forward together.

Dr. Alderman has a variety of techniques available to treat this condition. During your consultation, we will determine whether liposuction, dermolipectomy, and/or suspension is best for you.

In general, ideal candidates for a public lift with a tummy tuck are women who want to create a leaner, smoother look to the body’s midsection. If you are suffering from impaired sexual function or if anxiety over the appearance of your mons pubis is impacting the quality of your overall life—these procedures can help.

Candidates should be in good health, have realistic expectations about the outcome of the procedure, and be non-smokers or willing to stop consuming tobacco products at least three weeks before surgery.

Results and Recovery

Another benefit of combining a pubic lift with a tummy tuck is getting the aesthetic benefit of two surgeries with a single recovery process. You’ll see results immediately, and as the body heals from surgery, they will improve even further over time.

As long as you maintain regular exercise and a healthy diet after your procedure to stick to a relatively stable weight, a pubic lift with a tummy tuck is considered a permanent solution for excess fat and skin in the midsection and upper groin area.

Most patients return to work and regular activities within one to two weeks. However, you will need to avoid rigorous exercise for a month or more.

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Dr. Alderman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with particular expertise in performing pubic lifts with a tummy tuck. Her skill in this procedure has shown proven outcomes and patient satisfaction across the board.

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