Chemical Peels in Atlanta:

There are many ways to achieve the smooth, vibrant, and beautiful skin you want when you visit The Spa at NAPS. Our friendly team helps you find exactly what you’re looking for by recommending a range of minimally invasive and topical skin therapies, which can include varying levels of chemical peels and professional facials.

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Chemical Peels – Customized to Your Needs

A chemical peel is an application of a chemical solution to your face that helps improve your skin’s texture and tone by removing the outer layers of damaged skin.

Frequent Patient Questions about Peels

Of the different types of chemical peels available, how do you know which one is best for me?

Chemical peels target different depths of your skin.  Peels are generally categorized as superficial, medium and deep depth peels.  Our aesthetic team will evaluate patients and formulate an approach that accounts for individual skin types and tone. Booking a consult is the best way to discuss with Dr. Joiner what the best peel for your skin will be.

What does the chemical peel target? How will my skin look different?

Mild, superficial peels target the top layer of skin and address issues such as fine lines, wrinkles and mild acne scars.  Deeper peels treat more severe problems such as deeper wrinkles, pigmentation and prominent scars.  The more intense the peel, the more aggressive the treatment and the longer the skin will look red and flaky afterward.

How much time does it take to have a chemical treatment?

A chemical peel takes less than 30 minutes. Tingling, tightness, or a flushed feeling are common after a peel.  In general, most patients easily tolerate the treatment.

How soon before I can wear makeup?

It is advised to be makeup free until you are entirely done peeling.  The length of time depends on the depth of the peel, ranging from just a few days to a week.

How much time before I can be socially active?

The type and strength of the peel determine the length of recovery. Peeling usually lasts three to five days but can be controlled with the application of a moisturizer.

Are there any restrictions?

After a chemical peel, avoid sun exposure until peeling resolves and the new skin is completely healed, which is generally seven to ten days depending on the strength of the peel. It is also best to avoid excess sweating and exercising for 48 hours, or until the skin begins to peel.

How long will the results last?

The results you achieve from a chemical peel will not immediately disappear. However, if a maintenance program is not implemented, the dead cell layer will once again build up, and the original problem could reoccur.  An individualized at-home skin care regimen is highly recommended to facilitate long-lasting results.      

Will I need to be retreated?

Chemical peels will most often require a series of initial treatments spaced weeks or months apart for optimal results.  Afterward, long-term maintenance will be tailored for you depending on your skin texture and tone. 

What other treatments are good to combine with chemical peels?

It is essential to have our aesthetic team develop an individualized skin care regimen for you to follow at home.  We have many different product lines available to suit your individual needs.  Antioxidants, retinol, and sun protection are crucial to maintaining long-term results.   

How much does it cost?

Superficial chemical peels start at $125 and range to $325

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