With names like FemTouch and Goddess, and ad campaigns claiming all sorts of results from a variety of techniques, it can be confusing for consumers to figure just what “vaginal rejuvenation” is—let alone if it’s right for you.

Vaginal rejuvenation procedures are gaining popularity, and fast. Across the board, med spas and cosmetic surgeons alike claim to offer vaginal tightening, increased lubrication, and improved sexual sensations. But do these treatments work?

The answer is – it depends. One of the most important factors to consider is the type of treatment and device used. Just as important is who uses it—ensuring that your procedure is done by a board-certified surgeon with expertise in vaginal anatomy is critical.

Dr. Alderman is on the front line of surgeons working to ensure safety, favorable outcomes, and beneficial results for her patients. Our team is made up entirely of women, and we are here to help you avoid any embarrassment or discomfort throughout the process. Read on to learn more about Dr. Alderman’s process and get the facts on this new, and sometimes mysterious, procedure.

What is Vaginal Rejuvenation?

A vaginal rejuvenation procedure can mean a variety of things, depending on who you ask. In general, it refers to the use of lasers or other energy-based devices that reshape or remove vaginal tissue, with claims of treating or improving urinary incontinence, menopause, or sexual function.

However, some procedures have been critiqued by the FDA, citing risks of complications such as vaginal burns, scarring, and in some cases, post-procedural pain that can even become chronic.  Unfortunately, many of the devices on the market are used by untrained technicians and haven’t received full peer-reviewed testing or support. Nonetheless, some of these procedures have seen positive clinical results and support from scientific studies.

Vaginal rejuvenation continues to be amongst the fastest growing treatments annually, according to the American Med Spa Association.

Dr. Alderman’s Choice

Dr. Alderman’s patients benefit from her expert care and intricate knowledge of female anatomy.

At our Atlanta offices, we treat our patients with the V-Lase, a non-ablative, fractional CO2 laser. This treatment is entirely non-surgical and offers excellent results for patients who are post-menopausal or have had children. What’s more, it is more effective and faster than radiofrequency options. 

Using state-of-the-art technology, Dr. Alderman can help to thicken your vaginal mucosa, resulting in less vaginal dryness, improved sexual experiences, and reduced urinary incontinence. The mild heating delivered by the laser stimulates the production of new blood vessels, increasing blood flow to the area and enhancing the activity of fibroblasts and other collagen-producing cells. In this way, V-lase stimulates the body’s own healing abilities to improve the texture, moisture, and tone of the vagina.

Performed in our medical spa, the procedure takes about 30 minutes. One of the reasons that V-lase is Dr. Alderman’s preferred treatment is that it requires zero downtime. Post-treatment, patients can immediately return to their regular activities upon leaving the spa.

Work with an Expert

As we’ve mentioned, what’s most important when it comes to vaginal rejuvenation is working with an expert, board-certified surgeon. While vaginal rejuvenation may be an excellent solution for many of our patients, it’s important to consider all of the treatment options available to address vaginal dryness or pain during sex, such as topical medications. 

Dr. Alderman has particular expertise in vaginal anatomy. Still, it is a good idea to discuss how vaginal rejuvenation would affect you with your gynecologist before treatment. We will work in conjunction with your medical providers to ensure you understand all the potential benefits or risks of this state-of-the-art procedure.

Meeting Your Vaginal Rejuvenation Expectations

Another key factor of success is understanding and realistically setting your goals for vaginal rejuvenation. Especially when addressing sexual functioning, many factors contribute to gratification. Though vaginal rejuvenation can certainly help you to achieve your goals, your anatomy is just one aspect of this multidimensional part of life. This is why each treatment plan is fully customized to the individual patient.

If you have any questions about the full range of options available to feel more confident and receive considerable results, we are happy to discuss them. 

Schedule a Consultation

Dr. Alderman is a specialized, board-certified plastic surgeon. Our all-female team is here to make you feel comfortable in whatever choice you make.

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