Many brides spend months (or years) prepping, planning, and pampering themselves before their special days. Though this hard work is some of the most rewarding and emotionally fulfilling efforts any person can experience in their lives, it’s tiring! After you’ve walked down the aisle, returned from your honeymoon, and are beginning to get accustomed to your new life as a spouse, it’s all too easy to lose track of these habits you spent so long cultivating.

We all want to look our very best as newlyweds, for both our betrothed and every friend, family member, and coworker whose eyes will be glued to you. So, how do you keep up that glow and show the world from the inside out how glad you are to be wearing that ring on your finger? Luckily, there are countless ways to help boost your skin, both on your own and with the help of some of our luxurious spa treatments.

Here are five essential tips and tricks to keep your skin looking it’s very best.

1. Stick to a Natural Look

After getting the most out of Wedding Day makeup, your skin could most certainly use a few days off. With no more worry about looking your best for all the most important people in your life, now’s a chance to embrace some fresh air and enjoy going makeup-free.

Still, stick to your regular skincare routine (especially SPF), and if you want to provide a more even finish, add a drop of foundation to your moisturizer. Cheek and lip stains can be another easy way to add a pop of color throughout the day without worrying about any heavy products clogging your pores.

2. Time for Pampering 24/7

Now more than ever, you deserve to rest, relax, and enjoy these first days, weeks, and months as a newlywed. First and most importantly, sleep. Sleep provides nearly endless benefits to your skin, immune system, mental health–you name it.

After those nights of pre-wedding jitters, take some extra care to make sure you’re getting a full eight hours. If you find falling asleep to be difficult, avoid screen time for an hour before bed. It also never hurts to invest in a high-quality silk sleep mask, which both protects the skin and cuts out light to help your brain maintain a healthy circadian rhythm.

Hydration is another key to keeping up a healthy glow (and general good health). Drinking water throughout the day will lead to smoother, softer, plumper skin from the inside out. It doesn’t just have to be water either, now’s a great time to benefit from nutrient, antioxidant, and electrolyte-rich beverages like coconut water, fresh juices, and tea.

4. Upgrade Your Skincare Regimen

Your first line of defense when it comes to maintaining youthful, gorgeous skin is your daily routine. The number one most important product in your arsenal? Sunscreen. There are a lot of moisturizers with low SPFs incorporated into the product. Still, it never hurts to supplement with a more powerful, high-quality, lightweight sunblock such as the award-winning ISDIN ERYFOTONA ACTINICA SPF 50+ sunscreen.

And every day really does mean every single day. Even if it’s cloudy or you plan to stay inside, it’s still critical to apply your SPF of choice. If you’re looking for other ways to bring your skincare regimen to the next level, our expert staff can help create a personalized routine to meet your individual needs and skin type.

For DIY lovers, you can also try out some at-home remedies like doing a deeply moisturizing coconut oil facial once a week. You can also try a honey wash, which entails washing your face only with honey and warm water for two to three days-but be sure to patch test be for you go all the way and ensure your skin is nonreactive.

5. Treat Yourself to Medical-Grade Skincare

While at-home products and habits go a long way, they simply can’t match the power, efficiency, and ease of medical-grade skincare. The Spa at NAPS offers a variety of treatments to suit every concern, budget, and skin type.

Some of our clients’ personal favorites include the revolutionary PRP Facial and Sciton HALO™ Profractional Laser, both of which provide stunning, science back results that last for years. If you’re interested in learning about these or any of our other many treatments and procedures, be sure to get in touch and schedule a consultation with Dr. Alderman today.

Dr. Alderman is a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience working with patients of all ages. She can help you achieve the post-wedding look of your dreams–whether that means helping you find the perfect at-home regimen or building a one-of-a-kind treatment plan. To schedule your consultation, please give our Alpharetta, GA, office a call at (470) 381-3610 or contact us online today!