Dr. Amy Alderman offers BOTOX® and Dysport in Atlanta, directly providing treatment herself. At our practice, you get the experience and knowledge of a trained plastic surgeon to ensure that your injections are made in the right places and at the right dosages. She is dedicated to natural, not “frozen” results.

Restylane® & Juvéderm®

Dermal fillers Restylane® and Juvéderm® are a non-surgical way to combat the volume loss that happens as we age. For Dr. Alderman, the efficacy of these treatments marks an exciting time for cosmetic medical patients; she has so many wonderful products available to keep patients looking young.  With increased used of fillers, she has found that she is recommending facial cosmetic surgery at a much later age for patients.


As we age, our skin produces less collagen, which creates a sunken facial aesthetic. Wrinkles, creases, and hollowed cheeks are common complaints of the natural aging process. For patients interested in achieving a youthful appearance, Dr. Alderman provides Sculptura in Atlanta and Buckhead. With this dermal filler, Dr. Alderman can replace lost collagen, adding volume and re-contouring the face naturally.


There is now a non-invasive way to improve the appearance of a double chin. Kybella® is an injectable product that corrects “submental fullness” by destroying the excess fat cells under the chin. The results can be dramatic, and the pain/discomfort and downtime are minimal.

Liquid Facelift

As men and women age, volume is lost in the face.  Even if weight stays the same, a patient in their forties and fifties will have less fullness in the cheek and midface region compared to what they had in their twenties. With liquid facelifts in Atlanta, Dr. Alderman can take a conservative approach to facial rejuvenation and avoid surgical processes.

Lip Augmentation

Lip augmentation has become one of Dr. Alderman’s most popular injections.  Women love the added lip definition and fullness.  For many, lip volume diminishes with age and restoration of volume creates a more youthful appearance.  For the younger patients, volume is in!  And for others, lip augmentation is sought to create a more aesthetically desired lip contour.

Cheek Augmentation

Any woman older than forty starts to lose volume in her cheeks, and, ironically, women who stay trim and fit and have a lower body weight often look older than women that are a bit heavier.  The difference is in their cheeks!  Filling the midface with fat or with hyaluronic acid products, such as Restylane® or Voluma, will instantaneously create a more youthful appearance; it’s the perfect way to refresh your natural appearance. Ask Dr. Alderman about cheek augmentation in Atlanta, near the Buckhead area.

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