People who successfully lose a drastic amount of weight often struggle with a new challenge after they reach their weight-loss goals: unwanted, sagging skin on all areas of their body, including their face and neck. This occurs because skin stretches out to accommodate excess body weight but sometimes fails to bounce back when the excess weight is gone.

In the facial area, this excess skin causes undesirable cosmetic problems like “jowls” or a “turkey neck,” where the line of demarcation between your neck and jawline becomes ill-defined. Unlike the sagging skin you may have on other areas of your body after losing weight, you cannot easily camouflage your neck with clothes unless you are willing to wear a scarf or turtleneck sweater every day. If this sounds like something you are facing, you may be an excellent candidate for a neck lift surgery to tighten and re-contour the skin on your neck and lower jawline area.

What is a Neck Lift Surgery?

A neck lift is a surgical technique that can significantly improve the appearance of your neck and chin. The natural aging process often results in increased skin laxity, and dramatic weight loss accelerates this problem. Patients who have lost a lot of weight have a similar skin condition to older patients, with a loss of fat and thinner skin. If this is the case for you, you may be worried that the hanging skin along your neck and jaw is making you look older than you really are.

During a neck lift, Dr. Amy Alderman can remove unwanted skin and tighten the underlying neck muscles to create a more youthful and uplifted profile. If you have sagging skin that begins underneath your chin and reaches all the way to your shoulders, and you have already reached your ideal body weight, you are likely an excellent candidate for this surgery. Other characteristics that qualify someone for this procedure include being in good overall health, being a nonsmoker, and having realistic expectations for the surgical outcomes.

At North Atlanta Plastic Surgery, Dr. Alderman also offers the SAL neck lift, which is a form of neck lift that relies on liposuction to achieve outstanding results. During a consultation, Dr. Alderman will evaluate your specific circumstances, medical history, and the extent of your concerns to help you decide whether a traditional neck lift or a liposuction-assisted neck lift is better for you.

Can You Combine a Neck Lift with Other Procedures?

Weight loss in conjunction with aging can cause other worries about your appearance, as well. For example, if you also have sagging skin or lost volume in your midface area, you may want to get a facelift at the same time as your neck lift for more extensive tightening of your cheek and neck skin and underlying musculature. Meanwhile, a minimally invasive endoscopic brow lift may be a good choice for you if you feel your forehead and upper eyelids have begun to droop, making you appear continually angry or fatigued.

Combining multiple surgical procedures is a smart strategy for patients who want to address a variety of aesthetic concerns simultaneously, but who only want to undergo one recovery process.

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At North Atlanta Plastic Surgery, Dr. Alderman’s goal is to offer a variety of treatment options for women and men who want to look younger, healthier, and achieve greater self-confidence about their appearance. A neck lift is just one procedure you may be considering as you evaluate your options for improving your appearance after losing weight.


Now that you’ve reached your goal weight, reward yourself with a surgical procedure that can help you look as refreshed, youthful, and energetic on the outside as you feel on the inside. Contact us today to make an appointment for a private consultation with board-certified Atlanta plastic surgeon, Dr. Amy Alderman. She takes pride in using her extensive knowledge of cosmetic surgery to craft a customized treatment strategy for each patient.


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