Skin Care for Scar Repair in Atlanta at The Spa at NAPS

Scarring is natural and can occur as you heal from a skin laceration, big or small. Thankfully we have technologies to treat scars, and there are many coordinating modalities to lessen the appearance of scars.  Scar creams, scar silicone strips, lasers, and even some fillers can help reduce the appearance and feel of scars.  We help you plan for the best treatment possible to make your scar a thing of the past.

When Can You Begin Scar Treatment?

If it’s an old scar, you can begin right away.  If it is a new scar from recent surgery, we can start as soon as your incisional area is fully closed.  Typically, that is six weeks post procedure. Your physician will let you know when it is appropriate to begin treatments.

You will have a personalized consult with a spa practitioner who is experienced in laser repair.  We will go through the process of scar healing.  We will go through the different options that will reduce the appearance of your scar. We will help you develop a plan of treatments and give you a personalized quote.

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If you’re in the Atlanta area and have any questions about scar repair or wish to schedule a consultation with The Spa at NAPS, please contact our office.

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Your Options for Scar Minimization

Topical Treatments

Creams and silicone sheeting: It is recommended to begin a treatment option as soon as the skin is completely healed. We carry medical grade scar creams and silicone sheeting.  These assist the development of smoother scar area, reduced redness, and prevention of keloid development. 


While this may seem counterintuitive to scar minimization, surgical intervention can help reduce tension on the skin and help scarring appear smoother and less noticeable. Hypertrophic or keloid scarring (raised scars) should not be addressed with surgical procedures, however. Be sure to ask about your options during your consultation.

Steroid Injections

Injections can be used to flatten and soften the appearance of keloid or hypertrophic scars for patients who are not qualified for surgical procedures.

Laser Treatments

Fractional ablative resurfacing will assist in collagen production and reformation for a softer, smoother appearance.  BBL laser treatment will help in the reduction of redness. The blood will absorb the energy from the BBL and cause an immediate and prolonged constriction of the vessels that cause a scar to appear red. As the superficial vessels fade, the scar begins to match your skin tone.  Please see your spa consultant determine if you are a candidate for BBL.

Filler Injections

Sometimes the scar has healed with a loss of dermal tissue resulting in a concave appearance.  Your spa scar consultant can recommend a dermal filler that can help make the tissue appear smooth with the surrounding skin.  Varying dermal fillers can be recommended depending on the size and depth of the scar.  Fillers typically last one to two years.  This can be in conjunction with the creams and laser reformation.


Microneedling with RF

Scar reductions involves breaking up the scar and inspiring reformation of skin through the process of heat, radiofrequency, and fractional resurfacing.  These micro-injuries promote collagen production and allow topical collagen stimulators or other products to penetrate the skin and create best results effectively.

PRP - Platelet Rich Plasma

During PRP treatment, blood draws are taken and processed to create a significantly higher concentration of platelets, growth factors, and proteins that can then be re-applied to the skin to supercharge your body’s natural injury healing abilities.  This serum releases growth factors, stem cell response, and collagen-producing cells, which replace damaged tissue with healthy skin that looks refreshed and rejuvenated. This is an excellent addition to laser scar resurfacing.

What Does Scar Treatment Cost?

Scar creams and silicone sheeting begins at $75. Laser treatments start at $200 per treatment depending on the size of the scar and texture.  Dermal fillers begin at $700 per syringe. The number of laser treatments and amount of dermal filler very by scar size, see a physician for exact pricing. 

You don’t have to live with a prominent scar that compromises your feelings of confidence. Whether you’re interested in scar minimization for marks that you’ve had for years, or scars are at least six weeks old, The Spa at NAPS can help. Call today for more information about scar therapy in Atlanta, GA.